A story of love and revolution

Country: United States

Year: 2012

Runtime: 78 mins

Genre: Documentary

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One courageous woman’s journey from undercover agent to First Lady and the untold story of the birth of a new nation. Kirsty Sword Gusmao aspired to be a filmmaker and instead became a revolutionary.  Whilst working for the Timorese resistance she fell in love with the imprisoned guerilla leader Kay Rala “Xanana” Gusmão, and risked everything. Together they fostered the birth of a new nation. Fast-forward to today and Kirsty’s original footage from 1990 onwards makes up parts of the raw and evocative documentary, Alias Ruby Blade.


Fork Films in Association with The Film Company & Ager Meillier Films.
Cast:Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Xanana Gusmao & Jose Ramos-Horta
Director:Alex Meillier
Producers:Tanya Meillier & Richard Keddie
Executive Producers:Abigail E. Disney, Gini Reticker & Silvio Salom
Director of Photography:Shane Sigler
Music by:Paul Brill
Number of Discs:1
Aspect Ratio:16:9

© 2012 AGER MEILLIER FILMS INC. All Rights Reserved.

Through viewing this action packed and informative documentary,secondary school students of Asian Studies, International Studies, Politics, Contemporary History, Media and Studies of Society will gain a deeper understanding of regional issues, as well as processes and issues specific to Australia’s place in and responsibility for its immediate region.


An understanding of Asia underpins the capacity of Australian students to be active and informed citizens working together to build harmoni­ous local, regional and global communities, and build Australia’s social, intellectual and creative capital. It also builds understanding of the diversity of cultures and peoples living in Australia, fosters social inclusion and cohesion and is vital to the prosperity of Australia.

Source: CrossCurriculumPriorities/Asia-and-Australias -engagement-with-Asia

Alias Ruby Blade is a behind-the-scenes look in to one of the most dramatic events of the 21st Century: the birth and formation of a new nation in Timor-Leste after nearly 30 years of struggle.

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Winner “Most Valuable Documentary of the Year” Cinema For Peace Awards, Berlin

UK Premiere Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Australian Premiere Human Rights Arts and Film Festival
Montclair Film Festival
PlanetDoc 10 – Poland
North American Premiere Tribeca

Official Selection Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival
World Premiere IDFA November